Friday, June 10, 2005

Zombie 5: Killing Birds (1987)

"Genius", "still manages to fill me with girlish glee every time". Is that what the critics are saying about Zombie 5: Killing Birds? ... No! That's Steven from Corpse Eaters writing on this blog, thank you very much! See his post on the exciting writing that makes up the warrenzone/bloodbath horror blog.

Zombie 5: Killing Birds from Claudio Lattanzi and allegedly, Joe D'Amato

Zombie 5: Killing birds is not that bad, but by no means is it epic or apocalyptic. I guess I have to give you guys the background on the Zombie series in case you are uniformed. Did you know that Romero's Dawn of the Dead was called Zombie: Dawn of the Dead in Europe? It was, and over there they have a Dario Argento cut of the movie that has a soundtrack by Goblin. It's true. You know the Fulci movie Zombie? Well in Europe that one is called Zombie 2. There is no American Zombie 2, we skip to the European Zombi 3, also directed by Fulci, until he turned it over to the team of Bruno Mattei (Rats: Night of Terror, recently reviewed here) and Claudio Fragasso (Troll 2 - here). Fragasso then made Zombie 4: After Death, which came in the Zombie Pack ($15 at Best Buy) with Zombi 3 and the unrelated Zombie 5: Killing Birds. By the way, there are other Zombie 4 and Zombie 5 movies out there, from other directors including Jess Franco.

Put that confusion behind you. This movie has maybe two zombies in it, but they do some serious damage to the researching college kids on the bayou, staying in the same house where The Beyond was filmed. The birds? One of them rips the eye out of Robert Vaughn's socket. I was not familiar with the actor, but there is an interview with him as a DVD extra. I'll break my policy of not reviewing the extras. Vaughn does not remember this movie much at all so he barely speaks of it, instead telling stories from various Corman movies that he stared in. All of this commentary is spliced in with the kill scenes from Zombie 5 and we get a chance to to see the eye plucking scene two more times. Nice.

Now for cub speaks:

Why were you happy when the blind man put on his sunglasses?

I was finally able to watch the scene and see what was going on when he put his sunglasses on to cover up his gouged out eye. Cub, you know I can't watch movies that show people's eyes gouged out. It's grotesque and makes me want to faint and vomit.

Were you mad when I said that guy's portable 1988 laptop reminded me of your old computer?

Yes, you were quite rude when you made a smart mouth remark about his laptop looking like my old computer that looked like it was made in the 70's. Ok so I was not with the times and had an oldy moldy computer. As you already know I am not technologically advanced darling, which is why I have you for that!

What kind of bird was your favorite? you liked one of them...

I did like the white cockatoo very much. Can we get one, so it can sit on my shoulder as I bring it to different places with me? Please bear, please.

Are you excited for George Romero's Land of the Dead will Phil Fondacaro and Asia Argento?

I am thrilled for Land of the Dead, and I can't wait to see how sexy little Asia Argento has all grown up. She will probably look hot, what do you think? This may end up to be a masterpiece, who knows. I am hoping for it though.


Blogger Patrick said...

You know all they need to do is put Asia in a movie and I will watch it just to see her.

I need to pick up a non-troma DVD of Stendhal Syndrome.

Have you seen Argento's newest? I still haven't.

5:47 PM  
Blogger Jake Thee Pope said...

Well, we've still got "Land Of The Dead" to look forward to...and possibly "Devil's Rejects".

Anyway, saw your comment at BE, and your review of us here, and wanted to say thanks for the support. It's good to know we're attracting some real r&r motherfuckers.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Wendy said...

Hi, this is about "Land of the Dead"...I am from Pittsburgh where I attended the premier party for the movie. I have to say that I do not know much about zombie movies, but everyone that was involved with the movie were awesome. They were all so nice. It was a great party...Michael Jordan was there. Franco Harris, Quentin Tarentino and so on. The zombies were made up by Silvini (I hope I spelled it correctly) and that man and his students are so talented. I had the opprtunity to meet Mr. Tarentino and I have to say that he is such a gentleman and is just so great, but so humble. Pittsburgh is not a booming city by any means; however, the movie was so well received and Mr. Romero was reminded how much we love our Hometown Heroes. I was impressed by the work that a company called Camop did for the movie. The graphic artist (Joel) is so talented, as wll as the musical genius (Jason). Cameron was so professional. It is such a shame that more movie makers don't consider Pittsburgh as a great place to make a movie. We have a great urban ledgend location called Blue Mist. We have three rivers that meet at one point. The people in our great city all seem to know each other and if not, they sure treat newcomers like friends and family. I was so happy to be a part of such a great movie event...I hope that Mr. Romero receives the glory he deserves for this movie. I hope that all involved with the movie continue using their talents in the "industry." Oh, and about the cockatoo...I LOVE parrots. They are awesome pets. Cockatoos are loud, messy, needy, cuddly, nebby, extremely bright, expensive to buy and keep....much like a child who never grows up. To learn more about parrots, there is a wealth of info at
Thank you for your time.

9:49 PM  

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