Monday, June 20, 2005

watch me when I kill (1977) - a giallo -

I've got a new a favorite. For fans of Argento's Deep Red, directed Antonio Bido was obviously inspired by that movie in many ways.

I bought a lot more strange and rare vhs on ebay over the last couple of weeks

Watch this movie at high volume! We did, mainly because a few days ago I stepped on the remote, changing the frequency or something. It does not work right now, so we have to get out of the bed and press the keys on the tv to turn down the sound - neither of us would get up last night to do that. As a result, the Goblin-esque music was blasting and was extremly effective for the scares.

I'd like to mention a number of other ways that this movie is like Deep Red and the last one is a spoiler. In both movies the killer plays creepy tapes, though in this movie it's not music, but something more awful. In both movies the killer speaks from behind a closed door with the same sinister voice. Remember the death in Deep Red where the woman's head is held in the steaming hot bath? well in this movie the same is done with a stew still simering in the oven. A window falls in both movies, nearly killing the protagonist. The characters and some of the other kills are similar in both movies. The prog-rock score, by a group called Trans Europe Express is really, really, similar to Goblin's Deep Red score. In Deep Read and in Watch Me When I Kill, the killers both share the same name.

Watch Me When I Kill is not a weak film, despite being somewhat of a tribute or copy. It was made in the late 70's, a great time for movies. It's by no means cheep looking or amateur. Bido went on to make the better known giallo, The Blood Stained Shadow. Watch Me When I Kill was originaly called The Cat with the Jade Eyes and in Europe can be bought from the goth video line, Redemtion, as The Cat's Victims.

Fuck yeah, I loved this movie and I'm still feeling fuzzy twelve hours later. Loved the abrupt ending. All movies should end that way.

unrelated bullshit:

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Blogger Patrick said...

Even the name is a throwback to Argento's first movies.. Four flies on Grey Velvet, Cat o' Nine Tails, Bird with the Crystal Plumage..

Which brings me to my other comment: I watched the Card Player last night. Had it's moments, but over all I was pretty disappointed. Let's hope no more movies feature anything about the internet

8:43 AM  
Blogger Carnacki said...

GSB posted the exact same content on at least five of our horror blogs like some kind of human spambot.

11:44 AM  
Blogger GSB said...

Yeah I did, but I had the same thing to say on all five of them, so that's not spam, right? No really, I just kinda found one horror blog that i dug, and then read another that I liked, and another, and another, and another, not knowing there were so many that I would like so much... And so I left a comment with a link to my site because we have some killer slasher and horror reviews IMO. I'll remember now that some horror bloggers don't like comments, unlike they're something special like a blanky made by your granma :)

5:57 PM  

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