Sunday, April 29, 2007

QT in person at Death Rage, Cry of a Prostitute, Italian crime double bill

Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse film festival is coming to an with a couple of Bruce Lee movies today and tomorrow. Last night I believe he presented Death Proof and Cry of a Prostitute in person as it was advertised on the internet that he would attend. I can only image that there was a crowd, unlike the night before when I attended the same 2 movies, not expecting Tarantino to be there, but happy to see him show up unannounced.

Man it has been a hell of a run with all of these killer movies playing and I'm bummed now that the Grindhouse Film Festival will be running only once a month as before. I believe two movies from Rolling Thunder director John Flynn are scheduled for the future as he died recently, in fact he died since attending a screening at the Grindhouse Film Festival just last month.

American-turned Italian star Barbara Bouchet was the guest of honor at Friday and Saturday's Italian crime double bill. She is a fan of many of her movies, a good number of them being b-movies and Italian sex-comedies. The Q+A focus completely on her, with no questions aimed at Tarantino about his Grindhouse film. Still, Tarantino probably talked more than Bouchet, going of on various tangents about Italian directors and Italian horror. It was rather fascinating really and completely hilarious. Tarantino's buddies Joe Dante and Eli Roth were also in attendance.

As I mentioned, Bouchet is proud of her career in films that garner little respect from anyone other than Quentin Tarantino and fans of foreign b-movies like me. None the less, Cry of a Prostitute is a film she could not recall, perhaps in part because of the title being different in America, but all perhaps largely in part due to the role, that one might one to forget utilizing a selective memory.

Bouchet's first scene features her taking a milk bath in a barn, rubbing milk all over her breasts and thighs while the camera lingers on the dripping milk for an extended period of time. She also gives head to a banana for at the dinner table, not eating any of it. Bouchet is also beaten with a belt, which drives her to suicide, but what really takes the cake though, is the scene where she has sex in the kitchen while her naked body in shoved into the bloody open carcass of a pig hanging from the rafters. I kid you not.


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