Tuesday, April 10, 2007

more grindhouse films from the past to be released on DVD

Not there are not already lots of goodies on the market, but not everything is in print, not at all.

Note: I am not endorsing this company, just reporting the releases as news - and saying: send me shit! You guys might have noticed I lost interest in writing up some new direct-to-DVD shit and even turned down having some DVDs sent to me. Well that may be have been crazy - I was going through hard times, but what I really want to get my hands on are classics, so companies, take note.

link: Deimos to Kick Off Grindhouse DVD Line

Have not heard of the first batch of movies, except for the Paul Naschy films, which are killer. He's going to be at the Los Angeles Fangoria convention and may be the only guest I want to see - besides some of the usual suspects whom I love and respect, but have seen several times.

Saw the Grindhouse feature film and I liked it, though Death Proof has me scratching my head. Never seen Vanishing Point. Maybe it's got those strange wide shots Tarantino used. I rather liked those shots, but for the most part I have no idea where Tarantino was coming from or what movies he was borrowing his style from.

I really enjoyed how Don't parodied the British/Euro/gothic horror (specifically some American video nasties, banned in the UK, like Don't Go in the House with it's similar trailer) I love so much - I've never seen that stuff spoofed before.


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