Sunday, April 08, 2007

tonight - The Girl from Starship Venus and The Legend of the Wolf Woman

Sex and violence at the New Beverly Cinema for QT's Grindhouse Film Festival.

the douche report - enjoy it:

In my telecommunications class a guy says he does not think they should "be allowed" to release HD or Blu-ray DVDs because he has a hundred regular DVDs and does not want to replace them. He is a dumb fuck for several reasons.

A) Who said you had to replace your current DVDs? If there being a superior version of a title on the market of a DVD makes you feel inadequate, then perhaps your real problem is that you are inadequate in the member department - really.

B) A hundred DVDs? So what? That's not so many, plus I bet his collection is 70% the same as any given set of hundred DVD's every other douche in the class has sitting on their shelves. Go fuck yourself.

C) DVDs ain't shit. They look like shit on a big screen. They ain't magic. Got this quote at Popcorn and Sticky Floors...

"Video (think DVD) killed the spirit and showmanship that movies was all about and turned the mob-mentality of a theatrical screened movie into a solitary, consumer experience that plays into the arrested-development "collector" mentality of these nerds who just want to "own" everything that came out in a certain genre and sit there like lumps and fast forward through everything. But they don't own the movies, they just own the bad, shitty little xerox copy."

- Jack Stevenson

Add to that what I said before. The douche is not even a collector of anything rare or special. Look, there are legit concerns about the new formats and their value for the consumer - especially since niether one been established as the dominant format yet, but this guy is just on the wrong track with his bullshit.


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