Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fight for Your Life (1977) and The Muthers (1976) playing now

These movies are playing one more day at the New Beverly Cinema as part of the two month Grindhouse Festival. The Muthers is a blaxploitation film made in the Philippines involving the sex slave trade - yeah it crosses genres. Director Cirio H. Santiago has brought us dozens of jungle films and woman in prison films, as well as the occasional horror movies such as the hilarious Vampire Hookers and the awful Black Lagoon-style Demon of Paradise. The Muthers certainly has its moments, but I think I'd be pretty bored watching this at home on tape where no one is yelling at the screen. Too many campy machine gun shoot outs.

Fight for Your Life is a must see. I've never heard so many racial slurs in a single movie, well not since Coonskin a few weeks ago. Here is a revenge film for ya. The final showdown is not to be missed. I think the writing and story are terrific - victims. Definitely a film about race that intends to give you food for though, that is if you can get past the shocks.


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