Wednesday, April 19, 2006

shit is going down - you nerds

This weeks O.C. Weekly is more awful than usual. First it suggests, that this movie, Ten ’Til Noon, is secretly written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. "Sometimes a well-known artist gets tired of being told that everything he does is great, and for a lark he’ll put out some new work under a pseudonym, just to see how people respond to it without all the expectations and without a big name to help it sell." I guess this is supposed to be cute, but it will get some of the free paper's more naive readers wondering for real.

That movie screens at the film festival in the town I'm living in right now. I'm pretty much obligated to go to one event, the OCC Film Shorts, student films from my community college that play at Lido Theater Sunday morning. The Newport Beach Film Festival is big news this year, because America's or the world's Best Motion Picture of the Year, Crash, premiered at last year's festival. Too bad Crash is as hated by as many as it is loved. Hated by me.

Also in the O.C. Weekly, records store shoppers, take note. I am embarrassed for this girl. Not her fault, but it's the
worst article I've seen lately. If the intent is too send more creeps with boners to Bionic, then maybe they did a good job.

The girl does drop an interesting bit of knowledge. Customers asking “Do you have anything behind the counter?” are looking for white power music. Typical Orange County. She says they never carried Skrewdriver, but I saw a Bound for Glory CD in the used bin last time I was there - about 2 weeks ago. Hurry up and get it, you nazi scumbags.

In their defense, they has less nazi records there than I've seen in other O.C. punk rock record stores. At least the Bound for Glory CD was used. Buying one directly from the white power record label is basically giving money to a terrorist organization.

Found this: Stephen King on
lame DVD extras. You DVD-philes salivate all over this shit. Just cause you paid extra for it, does not mean it's worth watching. There is better shit running on Vh-1 and the E! Channel, 24-7, than some of this junk. You don't obsess over that, do you?

This article compares the 3 DVD versions of Zombie/Zombie 2. The Shriek Show disc includes this extra:

The final supplement on disc two is a real head scratcher. Titled “An Evening With Dakar”, it is a short little clip of the aged black actor from the film performing an acoustic number. He does not speak about the film at all, and there is really no context to him playing. He sings in a foreign language, and no subtitles are provided, unlike the documentary. The lack of subtitles sort of has a mocking aura to it, as if Shriek Show is just sort of mocking what Dakar has become. It is a puzzling inclusion, and I wish Shriek Show would have at least went to the work of translating it, or otherwise just not included it at all.

I would not read so much into it. It's just quantity, not quality, being stressed here.


Anonymous tyson said...

I wonder if the question of "should we sell white-power records here or not" is an issue outside of Southern California? I heard this debate in every independent record store I've been in in Orange County & Long Beach since I was 15. At Vinyl Solution, some of the dudes want to sell it and some don't and they'd get in big arguments about it. I haven't seen that happening in Chicago, though, and couldn't really imagine it happening.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if there was a debate.. but stores in Boston sell it(or used to)

8:49 AM  

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