Friday, April 14, 2006

omg! omg! internet exclusive! also... Naked Massacre

Silent Hill must be the most blogged about and hyped horror movie coming out this year! Secret shit is hitting the web all over the place, but I've got a one-up. A key shot of the killer, Pyramid Head, in most brutal scene! No one has shown this image before, in fact, many of you will be sorry you've seen it! So do you dare to roll your mouse over the question marks and click, because if you do, you might wish you had not!

see what pyramid head looks like

Have you ever hear of Born for Hell, better known as Naked Massacre? I had not. Naked Massacre (1976) was just one of fifty titles on the 20 dollar DVD bundle Chilling Classics, which does have some nasty stuff in it, like Driller Killer, Deep Red, and Bad Taste, but this one did take me by surprise. There are maybe ten movies I'd never even heard the names of before in this pack - maybe you should rush out and buy it, but I'll warn you, the quality is crap. Naked Massacre stopped twice and many movies suffer from over-pixelization during the dark moments. Sometimes you can't see a thing but large black on black squares. Other than in this pack, I don't believe that Naked Massacre is available on DVD.

The movie opens with a church bombing in Northern Ireland. Later we see clips of terrorist attacks in Israel and civilian casualties in Vietnam. I did not completely follow the message that the filmmakers are trying to convey here. I know that they do try to equate the killings in this film with real life terror and war, which seems a bit of a stretch to me. I'm all for making a statement, but real life death and on screen horror are two different things.

Of course, other writers point out that this movie may be lossely based on the killings of one Richard Speck, a serial killer I have never heard of. I never completely understand the killer in this movie and his motives. Is it merely a pathological hatred of women? What about the suicide attempts? What about his record as a war hero? In any case, the movie tells the killer's story more than it does tell the stories of the victims. It is not a slasher film, and I think it aims to be something far more serious than 70's exploitation, yet the movie that it most resembles is House on the Edge of the Park.

I'd love to describe the graphic and cruel moments, but I would rather that they surprise you like they did for me, besides, if you peaked at Pyramid Head you may have had enough.

I think director Denis Héroux aimed high with this movie, but maybe he just threw in a bunch of social and political shit to make us think he did. In any case, watching the movie will make you feel dirty, especially because of the passive nature of all the female victims. Get inside the head of this american psycho with a few days to kill in Belfast. Recommended.


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