Sunday, April 16, 2006

"Among the living Follow me or die"

Seen this bullshit?
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I'll explain in a moment, but first:

I was out looking for a new apartment today. It has not been totally hellish yet, but the first place we went to got me down. Beverly Hills, right near the Flynt Building, so it's kind of West Hollywood, but officially Beverly Hills. These fucks wanted proof that we were making 3 times the rent - which mean your last three paycheck stubs and a copy of you tax return. Yeah right, I get paid in cash, and I've got dick for money, just enough to scrounge up enough with Cub's help to pay for this - of course needing the parents to put down the security deposit and then some. Cub is no millionaire either - she is in between jobs.

A young Hitler Youth couple surely got the apartment. I'm not big on calling people I don't like "Nazis", the holocaust was worse than anything my worst enemies could come up with, but the Hitler Youth were more like aspiring Nazis and young processionals, younger than me, who make shit loads of money, are the future fuckheads of the USA. Now you might not like me, who goes to college at age 27 and gets money from the folks, but trust me, you want to smash this couple's faces in with a hammer way more than you would want to smash my face in with a hammer. Trust me.

Today on Melrose I saw some interesting stuff. Militant crust punk/Crass-style Christian wheat pastings. One was written in the Crass font and was very anti-commercial, but also perhaps anti-Semitic, though it attacked several Eastern religions in it's drawing as well as Nazis. Another poster was a mess of b+w drawings that appeared anti-Christian, though it contained text that specifically asked punks and skins to accept Christ as savior. Another smaller wheat paste declared that "Easter is not about the bunny". Interesting stuff, though I doubt I will ever learn about it's origins. These are put up illegally in the dark of night after all.

There is a gore movie about Russian history that was mentioned in this month's issue of Vice Magazine, but I forget the name of it. I assume this movie is real (who can trust Vice?), but I have forgotten the name of it and can't find the article online at
viceland. Can anyone help me?

I am not a militant skeptic, but today I read a bulletin about 9-11 that just reeked of stupidity. It ends with this bit:

Open Microsoft Word and do the following:

1. Type in capitals Q33 NY. This is the flight number of the first plane to hit one of the Twin Towers.

2. Highlight the Q33 NY.

3. Change the font size to 48.

4. Change the actual font to the WINGDINGS

The image near the top of this post is the result. For the full bulletin, much of which deals with the number "11", check hear at
snopes. They debunk a bunch of the shit and drop the big bomb. No flight Q33 NY crashed into the Twin Towers. Oh.

Do a google search for "Q33 NY" and it only comes up in reference to this bulletin. By the way, I believe this little hoax is anti-Semitic.


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