Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Silent Madness (1984)

Can't somebody else review it? Well yes they can, as you will soon see. Did not know this was a 3-D movie until reading the other online reviews just now. That explains a few things, like the cartoon-looking ax flying at the screen before the title appeared. I also remember a sledgehammer-to-the-face in a p.o.v. shot. I bet that was impressive on the big screen.

imdb user
J. Theakston (<---- full review) gives us the scoop - Some notes about the film: Apparently it opened in LA in 3D and pretty much did a roadshow tour. By the time it hit NY, it was being shown flat, which goes to show it really sort of hit the tail end of the 3D craze of the early 80s, which is too bad, because the photography in this one is tenfold that of anything else that was being done at the time (it was done with the over-under polaroid process, not anaglyph, and this was the way it was presented to me). Several murders have some great effects that really work well in the 3-D.

That was from an imdb user comment. Anyway, the director of this movie, Simon Nuchtern, is probably (people don't seem to know for sure) one of the men who shot the famous final scene in the false snuff film, Snuff (1976)...

Rad. Here are all the spoilers courtesy of
Hysteria Lives with my commentary in black text.

BODYCOUNT 14 female:9 / male:5

1: Male teenager killed by sledge hammer to the head

2: Female teen gets a BAD 3-D axe thrown at her, which hits her back
(I thought this looked cool)

3: Skateboarding female teen gets her head squashed in a vice (this is a nasty one)

4: Sorority sister steamed to death (better than it sounds, a stylish kill)

5: (In black & white flashback:) 4 sorority sisters nailgunned.

6: Sorority sister stabbed to death whilst playing 'Dragon's Lair'

7: Sorority sister has a rope put round her neck which is attached to a dum bell and chucked out of the window while she's doing aerobics!

8: Hospital attendant gets a drill through his head whilst trying to rape Dr. Gilmore
(the best kill, Cub saw this coming, I did not)

9: Hospital attendant gets a crowbar through his chest (ridiculous, not too convincing, the films weakest moment)

10: Policeman stabbed in the chest

11: Man stabbed in the back with a shard of broken mirror

The whole review from Hysteria Lives
here... check it out!

The name and the box are not too memorable, but ok I suppose. That would be the corrupt Dr. Kruger on the cover. Or not... I don't know. The mental hospital staff in this movie are far nastier that the psychopath, though we don't feel any sympathy for him either.

So my sources are credited. I just wanted to mention this movie because it was particularly mean and cruel. I'm waist deep in unwatched tapes here. Next should be the slasher Curtains with a cub speaks for the fans.


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