Sunday, August 21, 2005

ain't it fun

Still want to see Toolbox Murders 2004? Well this stupid list of questions from a message board on the imdb ought to discourage you... (spoilers all over).

I see the possibilities of this movie, but I feel like they cut out half of the story. Who was the killer? Who was Lusman? What were the symbols for exactly? Who was Chas? How did he know all of the buildings secrets and not get killed too? Why was Saffron nailed to the ceiling after she was already nailed to the wall? Why did her eyes open after she was dead? Why did everyone's eyes open after they were dead like they were blinking? Why were the teeth in the wall? Why did the symbols on Nell's arm stop him? How did he get away with this all of those years? Didn't the manager wonder why people kept disappearing? Why was Nell knocking on all the symbols? Why would they have been hollow behind only the symbols and not the walls they were on? Why was the killer so mangled and using needles? Why did the killer need to keep killing in order to stay alive, or whatever he was? What did any of this have to do with Lusman or his black magic? What was the spell that the building was under? What was the deal with the rocker on the roof? Why did the killer keep hammering all night? Why was he so obsessed with killing people with tools? Why did he try to stop the building from being finished originally? Lusman worked on it for 10 years himself to finish it because the killer kept killing the workmen. Did Lusman even know the killer was there?

I hate when people go to the internet to answer questions about a movie. They are either asking to learn the answers to questions that are not meant to be found out or they are morons who don't get the obvious or, like in this case, they are asking about a shitty movie. In the words of the next poster on the board...

Man, I haven't seen it, but you've shown it's so full of holes, I never will!

Well said.

Last post I put up a link to a gallery of bootleg DVD scans. Here is the
article about bootleg DVDs that mentioned that gallery. It's worth a read. From the often shitty L.A. City Beat.

I really not into black metal, that trendy European cousin of death metal. A site called Ruthless Reviews has posted, for a 2nd round, the
ten most ridiculous black metal pictures of the all time. Number one is really something you don't want to see. All that pic is missing would be an Orange County hardcore kid kneeling down at the foot of that stage with his mouth open. What?


Anonymous tyson said...

We were like two days behind this Throwdown/Remembering Never(who the fuck is that?) tour the past few weeks and I kept on wishing that something would happen and we'd have to combine shows and I could see what "the kids" are up to these days. All the posters were designed by To Die For. In Little Rock, which is apparently really big for metal/hardcore, the bathroom of the venue we played had all this hXc graffiti. Can you imagine 108 or even Mouthpiece or something 13 years ago writing "XMOUTHPIECEX - Fuckin' Chicks & Kickin' Pussies ASS" or whatever on the wall? I mean, some of the bands were like Merauder or something, and I'm sure they're real tough, but some pussy fuckin' mascara-wearing band?? There was even tags by guys from DNA who must be 35 by now. Anyway, you would have enjoyed this bathroom.

10:20 AM  
Blogger alena said...

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