Friday, August 26, 2005

metal breakout

Porno Holocaust has come out on DVD. I don't know when, but it must have been recently. Anyway, the list price is $29.99 and you know what? It just might not be worth it.

A post about metal, I won't make it a habit - I mentioned in my last post that I don't like black metal, but I do like the legends who started it all, Venom. Over at
this blog is an mp3 of between song banter from a Venom show that they played with Black Flag in 1986. Go to the WFMU blog and read the story and check out the sound clip.

If you really like punk and metal, go to
Church of Thee Nihilistic Goat and check the comments section for this post. Get the program WinRAR to extract any files that you might download, such as Venom's Canadian Assault. I enjoyed the N.W.O.B.H.M. of Witchfinder General and their album Friends of Hell. You can only download so many files per hour.

One of metal's weaker bands is suing Burger King. I know there a lot of legit reasons to sue Burger King, they are not making the world a better place, but this case is hilarious and an embarrassment to the band involved. Get the scoop at the with the real legal papers and everything.

Want to see a fan of that same band chopped in half, entrails everywhere. This site,
MTVhell, has great comics and angry rants from metal fans.

So it's old news, but you simply must read
this piece (the whole story, it loads slow) about the feud between Iron Maiden and America's first family of cable television. The bands who attacked Maiden, Black Label Society (of course) and the metalcore band, Bury Your Dead. What a disgrace. Considerably less cool than when Ink and Dagger threw yogurt on Earth Crisis. Or perhaps it was the roadies for Mouthpiece. I'm getting two stories or more mixed up here.

Bruce Dickinson telling off a beer thrower -

more rants in mp3 (
bruce 1, bruce 2, and Sharon)

I get real upset when customers at work look for performers alphabetically by their first name. This shows that not only have they never shopped at a record store before, but they also have never been to the library.

Expect a horror review and vacation photos shortly...


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