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sex crimes and death culture

Here is some political writing about current events, skip it if you want, but I did post some ridiculous shit toward the end of my essay. It might be worth a look.

I'm not labeled as conservative or liberal so from my position the case of the brain damaged woman on a tube is very complicated. To be on the safe side I probably ought to take the side where Schiavo doesn't get starved to death. Common sense right? Well no. People aren't using the own senses at all, they pick the side they are supposed to be aligned with and change the facts to fit their view. Republicans have manipulated the issue. Liberals fear that if a law is changed to save this women, it would be a law that takes away choices that they might want to make. It is convenient for liberals to believe she is braindead. It is convenient for Republicans to state that she is trying to communicate, so that this case can be a massive example of euthanasia gone horribly wrong. Neither group ever really thinks when it comes to any issue. All their stances are already defined by their very identities. Here, a life is in the balance and people sounding off on both sides of the issue really don't care except for how it affects their agendas. I don't know very much about Republicans, I have more of a liberal background, so the warnings I'm going to issue are to the brainwashed left as opposed to the brainwashed right.
You believe people should have the right to choose when to be taken off of life support. If they can't choose, the closest loved one has that right. I see the logic, but what about this particular case. I'm told that the husband does not visit. I'm told that he did not use the money he received (due to her condition) to pay for her treatment? Is it because he believes in the liberal value of euthanasia that you side with the husband?

Liberals are associate with tolerance and diversity, but what value is given to people with diminished capacities if this women is to die because a full bodied man authorized it?

One thing is for sure. Americans don't weigh issues and think according to which side of the battle lines they stand on. Sometimes I wonder if their are liberals who consider every aborted fetus a victory or liberals who will high five when they find out that this woman has died, since that means Bush's plans were thwarted. Of course on the other side we have all that military bullshit. Yes, there is a culture of death in America.

and now for sex crimes... There is good news! Well actually it is a sad story for everyone involved so we probably should not take joy in any of the proceedings, but Jane Doe's representatives did say she was happy. That counts for something.

Here in Newport Beach a crime was committed. Of course I did not live here when the shit went down. It's not my hometown and I can't say I really know any of my neighbors at all, but my apartment is here so this national story has a tiny bit more relevance to me. It's been the focus of the O.C. Weekly (free paper with a bit of news and all the rock show listings) for months now. Rich skateboarder Greg Haidl and two friends made a video tape where they violated the unconscious Jane Doe (then 17) on a pool table in the basement of his dad's mansion. Object's that penetrated the vagina include a lit cigarette, an aluminum fruit juice can, a snapple bottle, and a pool cue. The pool cue is inserted as deep as possible. They touch the stomach to see how deep it goes. The pool cue is inserted into the anus as well. The boys were blasting nasty rap music and striking poses for the camera. Of course they wanted to show their movie to the friends, but too bad for them, they lost track of it and it ended up lost at a Newport Beach rental.

It sounded like the boys were were fucked for sure. I mean, it's all on tape! Well there was a mistrial. The boys had the best lawyers money can buy and it started to look like they would probably not do any time. Haidl must have felt invincible. When his dad threw him a post-mistrial party, he had sex with an underage girl. Not a good idea if you were out on bail, but that was just the first strike. Haidl was then caught skateboarding where he should not have been and had with him something he should not have had, a bag of weed. Well, a friend took the fall (real quote: "Dudes, it can't be my dope! I’m out on bail") and his dad's political connections also helped. Then came a sad Halloween night, drunken Haidl crashed his 2005 Scion into oncoming traffic. Eventually this one landed him in jail.

The most recent trial was a nasty one. The defense argued that Jane Doe was acting. She had convinced the boys to make a staged necrophilia gang bang video in order to further here potential career as a porn star. Ridiculous even though Jane Doe was very sexual and had been with some of the boys before. Despite all those matters being legally irrelevant, the defense's tactic was to smear Doe as a 'slut'.

I try to bring the best links to my readers. Here are
clips from the actual trial where you can see the defense talk about Doe shaving her privates.

So that's the background story. And yesterday's news? Of course, the boys were found guilty of the bulk of the charges leveled against them. I saw them on the news, that looked devastated. Two of them were crying uncontrollably. Sentencing is still unknown.

Here is link to tons of the updates from the
O.C. Weekly. They made Haidle 'Man of the Year' and put him on the cover with a banner, which is some pretty dark humor that amused me to no end.

Here is some
text and a killer clip, filmed by Haidl trough a skateboarding-type fisheye lens. It shows drunk defendant Kyle Nachreiner jumping off a railing CKY style. Oh yeah, he talks like a jackass too.

and last... Someone should have taken
this site down! A link to Haidl's skateboarding profile, where he is sponsored or whatever. Users are allowed to comment and they say the most interesting things. Examples...

the 'informative' post...

~~~~~~~~~~ALL ABOUT JANE DOE~~~~~~~~~~
1) Jane Doe is actually very pretty- even your twisted friend Greg and his buddies said she was the hottest girl in their group of friends. And besides what does her beauty have to do with getting raped?
2) Don't know about the pillow, all I know is she didn't say a word as they shoved those objects up her, and what girl pee's on herself voluntarily?
3) Yeah Greg's daddy buys him out of trouble, that says alot about the Haidl family values.
4) He got fatter and uglier- I AGREE!!!
5) Hopefully the jury will view the evidence and see him for the creep he is.
6) Very STUPID KID!!! What idiot makes this tape and leaves it for others to find? DUH GREG!!! Also if hes such a great kid why did he befriend Alessandro Avila, the sicko who molests and kills 5 year old girls. He's Greg's friend in jail!!!!!! Greg talks to him and shares candy with him. I guess they have alot in common. After seeing Chuck Middleton at work, fighting for Jane DOe, I have come to the conclusion that Greg will stay and rot in jail for hopefully the next 23 years!

the typical post...

Greg Haidl was Convicted Today and faces 18 years in Prison. At least he's got 4 months of that done already! the other two guys (kyle and keith) look pretty humiliated and shocked when they were handcuffed and going to jail, haha - i think they are getting booked still right now (6 hours later). they are just gettin' cozy right about now down in Santa Ana!

the ??? post...

1. what's janes last name we want to look her up on google
2. Do you skate in your jail cubicle?
3. why did you commit suicide?


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My view on Shiavo: If the husband wants her dead- he should have to shoot or strangle her himself like a real man. None of this let her dry out like a prune crap.

All you have to do is watch one episode of Law and Order or a good Giallo to see through his motive.

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