Thursday, March 10, 2005

era of the demoniac

Here is some news about mad scientist experiments that are wrong for so many reasons. First I'll illustrate the concept via diagram and you will be shocked, but this is real.

another diagram from bloodbath horror blog

here is the text of the article, from animal rights site

2005-03-09 15:18:29 EST

I am amazed. According to the news of the day from mikethevegan, scientists are working on making a mouse with a human brain. This transcends my ability to understand science to the point where this might well be a hoax, but the plan at this point seems to be to use stem cells from aborted foetuses to get an all-human brain inside the rat. There are limits to the madness though: according to Stanford University's ethics committee, "if the mouse shows human-like behaviors, like improved memory or problem-solving, it's time to stop," and by "stop," they mean "kill all the mice," which at that point, by their twisted logic, would kind of work out to be murder... It's an ethical minefield, but one that's simple to negotiate once you accept the fact that it's simply wrong to experiment on any animal, regardless of what kind of brain it has.

I don't have to comment much, that entry says it all, however I might point out that these scientists should probably watch some horror movies to see what kind of results are produced by such experiments.

here is the real
news story


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Hopefully you have smarter readers than my own site:

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Blogger Patrick said...

I applied at PETA. If I don't get it I'm not sure what I will do since there isn't much work in this town, and not many companies I would want to work for

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