Wednesday, March 16, 2005

the internet and me

I'm letting my site expire in 2 days since I was not very pleased with the host, One problem with them is that I can't host images on their server and have them appear here. In theory I should be able to, but no, they appear broken. I've been using and have been happy with that free service. is already down and I've got a redirect link sending the traffic here. If you are a reader who only knows the address, please bookmark this one, I need to retain every reader that I can, cause there are not that many!

I'm going to be making a new website, showcasing the writing from here and a few surprise things. I plan to keep posting content here first, and then archiving it on a site with maybe more graphics and extras. I'm trying to think up the most obnoxious name for the site, one that will annoy and generate hate mail. Unfortunately a lot of the good names are taken, people have bought every .com name you can think of so that they can one day sell them for a high price. Here is a link to a
sleazy company that buys domain names right after they expire, posts porn sites at the address, and then tries to sell the name back to the original user for $500!

Anyway, it looks like my site name will end with .net.

In the news...

The new issue of Fangoria sucks, cover to cover.

Quentin Tarantino is not making the new Friday the 13th movie. It was just a rumor, and people, if you believed that one, you are dumb.

I saw the German movie Downfall about Hitler's last days in the bunker. This movie is very disturbing and is a must see. Cub and I were almost the only ones in the theater watching this movie who were not actually alive during WWII. Maybe it's just Newport Beach, you have to have a lifetime's savings to be able to afford to live here.

The next Ring movie will be a remake of the first one, but the evil videotape will be replaced by a cursed DVD. The fourth Ring movie will be aboard a space ship in the year 2020. The creepy video footage is saved on the ship's computer and plays spontaneously on the monitors, dooming the crew and passengers to only a week more of life if they can't find anyone else to watch it. This info from a reliable source.


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