Friday, March 04, 2005

Cursed (2004)

I've never reviewed a current horror film in this blog. I guess I just like to stick to the obscure stuff on DVD or out-of-print tapes, but what the hell, I want to write about Cursed. Wes Craven all but disowned the movie, Cub and I went to the theater anyway. I'll break it down nice and simple.

what I liked

Scenes set in Hollywood near my old apartment.

The horror references in Club Tinsel.

Animal costumes and a scene at a
Peta event.

A kid coming out of the closet.

what I disliked

The gore being cut or not shown. In one scene the screen goes black and we just hear the mauling. Terrible.

A quick dream like sequence that is very Ring-like, with flies and some fast cuts and jerky bits of crawling on the ceiling.

The humor, a line like "Lay off the crack".

Scott Baio cameo. Is that funny?

The cartoonish transformations. Who knew the werewolves become Shrek right before sprouting fur? Why have we regressed so much since An American Werewolf in London. Rick Baker is mentioned in the credits, but I don't think he left the film early, this movie took a long time to be made. At least these effects were better than the changes in An American Werewolf in Paris, a shit film.

The wrestling tryout scene. A lot of the characters in this movie don't act remotely like real people do, especially the people at the school.

On the
bloody-disgusting site a user knocks the scene where the werewolf gives the finger, well here is a rebuttal from another user who (I wished he'd left a name) represents your average kid who loved this movie. "To all you little dick critics, FUCK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And P.S., fuck is wrong with flashing the finger, shit I do it all the fucking time BITCHES HO FUCKs"

The CGI, I never like CGI, but in this movie it's particularly fake looking when the werewolves, or the infected golden retriever, are running around.

A scene with a hummer, this movie already feels dated.

Verdict: Nobody out there is gonna say this is a good movie and it was a major disappointment to horror fans.

Cursed star Christina Ricci, like you didn't know..


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