Tuesday, March 08, 2005

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The other day I was talking about Keanu Reeves wearing a GBH shirt in a photo spread and was reminded of my year of managing a boutique in Hollywood. Stars don't wear their own clothes in magazines or rock videos. Wardrobe sends stylists to pick up clothes from trendy stores and then try them on the star at the shoot. They don't buy the clothes outright, but agree to purchase a certain percentage of what they pull. I saw a Good Charlotte video where the singer is wearing a Crucifix 'peace bomb' logo t-shirt. Now I'm sure Good Charlotte are doing their best to catch up and learn everything they can about the history of underground punk, but I doubt they have gotten much deeper than the Dead Kennedys at this point. Most likely the singer had never seen that t-shirt until the day of the filming. A smart stylist hit up one of the several stores in Los Angeles that sells a wide variety of freshly screened unlicensed punk tees.

My favorite example is Justin Timberlake wearing a shirt with an
Anti-Nowhere League logo printed on the sleeve. The designer of the (no doubt expensive) garment probably just 'borrowed' the image, knowing the most of the world, including Justin, would have no idea that it came from somewhere else.

Once again I provide the evidence!

random notes:

Quentin Tarantino will be making the new Friday the 13th movie called Ultimate Jason Vorhees Movie. Well, that's what I heard...

Dario Argento will be making the last film in the "Three Mothers" trilogy. The sequel to Suspiria and Inferno. Well, that's what I heard..

If two out of three people can't tell that a whole issue of
Vice Magazine was a joke, then there is little hope for any of my websites..


Blogger Patrick said...

I think Argento is going to try and score some money off the Suspiria remake- in order to fund a well done filming of Mater Lachrymarem- since he has reportedly signed on to produce and script the remake.

I guess maybe you would need to normally read trash like vice to understand that issue is a joke- since I never look at magazines I would have no idea what they normally print. It seems like the same vapid crap that all magazines have

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