Saturday, March 31, 2007

QT's Grindhouse Festival still in full effect - Hollywood, CA

The festival is still going and I've gone to most of the shows. I really should re-cap everything since some of these movies are really rare, but we shall see. Someone said that Jason Lee was at the Blood Splattered Bride, Slaughter Hotel, Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary triple bill yesterday, but I did not see him.

Some people at these screenings have never seen these kinds of movies before. If I was a fly on the wall, and I AM a fly on the wall when I go to the films alone, I hear all kinds of dumb shit. But before you take me to be some jaded jerk, realize I'm not as bad as all that, see I despise those that think that just because they watch so many of these movies, that they live in these movies. No, you are not a serial killer, you are a movie nerd. You can laugh at death on the screen, but in real life you would piss yourself. will be shut down on April 5th by the way.


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