Saturday, March 03, 2007

inbreeding fucked up weirdos not just for the Wrong Turn set...

This fucked up brother and sister are a couple - they have kids - two out of four are fucked up. They just want to live normal lives, but that ain't gonna happen - it's an absurd proposal. You know, it's bad enough when anyone has kids, but brother and sister breeding FOUR times! Come on, they are disgusting.

I'm all for sexual freedom of gays and lesbians. These two, the incesest couple, are gonna set those movements back and give the conservatives ammo to propose all sorts of laws. Fortunately the couple live in Germany. Maybe they can teach their own kids to fuck each other too. It's only right and natural.

They have two kids that suffer from defects. Hmmmm, big surprise.

....but they love each other....


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