Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"Would that the Roman people had but one neck!"

I'm thinking of sticking a bunch of mp3's on the blog, but that's only the half of what I'm thinking of doing. If I can deliver 75% of what I've got planned, you guys will at least be a little interested in the end results, though sorry, my plan is not to turn the blog into a porno page.

Here are some links as promised:

monster mash talks Inside Deep Throat and dreams of opening a classier type of strip club.

Strange O Vision - our new friend Ghost obsesses over the Nightmare on Elm Street series (I mean in deapth) Also 80's cartoons and live action sci-fi horror episodic shows like Monsters and Amazing Stories.

see you in the pit douchebag! - hardcore has gone done the tubes, tell
this kid to stop practicing, his scene is dead, the market went bust!

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Blogger John said...

Hah,thanks for the mention...and thanks to you,& Stacie ponder I'm able to get my daily dose of horror,and other horror type films.Where else could I read a review on Ghoulies 4?nowhere else!I dont know why,but I want to see that movie,now."Look,thats us when we were little."

12:25 PM  

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