Thursday, February 16, 2006

shit talker's paradise and The Flesh and Blood Show

No class today, but usually Thursdays are for TV engineering where we sit in a locked soundproof room and tape the show and shade the cameras. It's different from being in the control room, where the director, sound guy, and switcher, are all stressing the fuck out. Engineering is where you just kick back. Our professor pretty much told us that this is where you talk shit on the broadcast journalism and TV1 kids and their projects and hard work. Awesome. I was on the other side last semester and can only imagine what people said about the quality of my jobs on and off camera. I was jealous of those engineers.

I thought the control room was bad. In there you get the outbursts from the stressed out director. Lots of swearing cause they gotta put their name on this thing. Engineers are farther removed from the project and have nothing to do while the cameras are rolling but to watch the monitors. Better make sure that communications mic is off. If it is, speak your piece of mind. The professors told us, that when he worked for the networks, he once went on and on a big star and the God Mic was on. That's a mic that can be heard on the studio floor. Bad microphone!

So without class today I'll have time to give my rabbit a haircut. No more nasty dreads on Bun Bun. I bought a buzzer the scissors are too dull. As people in the know say, "Punk's Not Dread". For Bun Bun to look fashionable he's gotta clean himself up.

Watched a big box tape of The Flesh and Blood Show (1974) from the surely defunct
Monterey Home Video from Pete Walker who directed Schizo, The Confessional, House of Whipcord, and Frightmare. The Flesh and Blood Show is an interesting British film about a troop of actors called to rehearse for am improvised play. Rehearsals are in an abandoned theater built on a pier in a lonely seaside down. The director does not quite know who the producer is. How strange.

Actors and actresses couple off for sex and then get killed off one by one as expected. Lots of nudity here. The movie is great and takes a weird flashback twist at the end with Shakespearean dialogue (Othello, the more educated Cub tells me) and a tale of infidelity in the packed theater during it's prime, which coincided with a dangerous WWII bombing blitz.

My only complaint is that the movie did not have enough characters to really surprise us when the murderers identity is revealed. Just don't play 'Guess the Killer' with this one It's far too easy. No DVD of this movie too my knowledge, though Pete Walker's better know films are available in the EuroShock Collection.

After the credits, three previews came on for other Monterey Bay tapes. The Slasher Is the Sex Maniac, He Kills Night After Night After Night, and the butchered version of Joe D'Amato's Antropophagus, known as The Grim Reaper. I have not seen the first of these three titles and it supposed to be killer! Keeping my eyes open for The Slasher Is the Sex Maniac.


Blogger John said...

I actually might be interested in watching The Flesh and Blood Show.I haven't really got far in the collecting old horror movies operation.Still alot of titles out there that I am yet to see.

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