Sunday, February 05, 2006

especially from the likes of you, yeah you

Look at this site - Movie Title Screens Page - where a man Steven Hill captured the title screen from all the movie in his DVD collection. I love title screens, and if I could screen capture one frame from every movie I review, 9 out of 10 times it would be the title screen. These can be as good as box covers for me. Steven Hill's collection is full of horror, so check it out.

Lets go off topic, some legal cases have fascinated me lately. They are not front page news, but you could take notice, if you've got a minute:

In a fake part of the war on terror - the part where we try to scare people so that we can control them... check out this paid federal agent who set some kids up for a big fall - see "Anna" in action
in some photos.

Also, check out the band Sodom, ready for war anywhere you want to send them. I think this is a newer promo picture.

Don't forget...

We're fighting a war we can't win
But it's a war we can't afford to lose
Corrupt officials play the game
And America's habit is to blame

is oil the habit we should really worry about? now I will chop out some lyrics...

But there's no way to stop the flow
Watch your children's habit grow

Intimidation is the game.
Cut them down they're all the same
Send them all to hell...


Anonymous NoSympathy said...

Oh fuck... Sodom rules. Havent heard anything about them in a long time. Actually your probably the only person that bring up the band since im out of high school, which was more than 10 years ago. Woah... time to fire up Better off dead.

9:35 PM  

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