Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dolly Dearest (1992) exactly what you think it is

First, pictures of me showing up on the internet again, now on a website (an older site, but I never saw it before) about how to be unique by looking like someone else - pretty funny writing on this site that takes a bit of a dig at everyone pictured on it. "If you don't resemble one of these ultra chic people on the right, then you, my friend, are not unique. You're neither cool nor special, the way they are collectively cool and special. So what sets you apart from these super stylish hipsters? THE HAIR, my friend, the's all in the hair. So you think this is a bit too superficial and that you're "cool" just because you have a "good personality?" Well nobody cares what's inside the package if the gift wrapping is ugly; especially if the bow is carelessly knotted together."

The pictures are all from the club where I met Cub. I swear we are the only 2 people who ever met there who got engaged. Every other hookup among the kids was doomed to fail due to the slutty times. I used to know a lot of the kids in these pics, but friendships do not last, oh no.

I'm on
this page and the caption for my pic reads "Not exactly the unique striped bangs, but unique all the same" and then there is another pic of me right below it with my friend that I moved to Hollywood with. These pics are getting close to 3 years old and now I think I look a strange in them.

Dolly Dearest came out after the first 3 Child's Play movies. For some reason I always avoided renting this one and it is pretty much brainless and irritating except for the doll effects and supernatural elements. Dolly herself, is pretty fascinating, with an expressive face and good puppet work, though Cub and I think that some on the long shots were done with a little person in a Dolly suit.

The story here, the spirit of the devil child from an ancient civilization has been disturbed by archeologist and has flown from the tomb and into the dolls at an abandoned factory. An American family, the father having bought the doll factory, moves down to Mexico. Actually all the dolls in the factory are possessed, but at first we only have to worry about one, the doll picked by the family's daughter, who also becomes possessed, drawing demons, speaking in the ancient language, and sounding like the Exorcist child. Of course the father thinks all of this is nonsense and refuses to move back to Los Angeles despite the mother's insistence. I really wish that at least one of the four family members, perhaps the nerdy son, who I could not stand, would have lost their lives to Dolly by the movie's completion. The only victims, besides a crushed archeologist in the movie's first scene, are the Mexican help, who I guess are more expendable. Unlike the mildly racist filmmakers, I found these characters more sympathetic than the ignorant and bold Americans who are down there to get rich with their third world Dolly sweatshop.

There are some good creepy moments, but there should have been more. Towards the end the dolls' faces turn ugly, in an Exorcist style, and I'm pretty sure one of them even levitates. See it for the Dolly action, but the movie has little else to offer.

Cub, how come I had to hold you tight, because you were so afraid of this little Dolly? Isn't that embarrassing?

No bear, you have it flipped around. It was me who had to hold you because you were terribly frightened and would jump everytime dolly would scuttle around or utter a sound. But I kept you safe.

How come you liked the nerdy brother? I hated his guts.

I liked the brother in the beginning but I have to admit and say you were right, I got totally annoyed with him by the end of the movie.

I hate pretending that horror characters are real, but don't you think that Chucky, if he ever met her, might have the hots for Dolly Dearest? Or for the whole pack of Dolly Dearests, if he was lucky...

Actually I think Dolly could kick his ass to tell you the truth. Plus , she is a tall girl and would not want some short short man.


Blogger John said...

Not bad,although I've never been one for a bold hairstyle.Oh yes,there were times when I did a little experimenting with the blonde look.NOT a good idea.I had to walk around like that for a day.The longest day in recorded history.I pretty much keep my hair as I had it when I was a kid.Classic side part,although at times I get Emo-ish comments,I don't have that style for that kind of music.

As for the movie I have always seen it in the Video store shelves,but never picked it up.I was impressed by the cover,and the doll but was not willing to take the chance.But one day.

10:29 PM  
Blogger warrenzone said...

I skipped this one for years at the rental stores, I even used to have the poster and gave it away. It really did not occur to me that I might enjoy this movie until recently.

11:17 AM  

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