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Zombie Brigade (1986) xenophobic hate

True horror fans explore the zombie genre while false horror fans go rent Halloween sequels and Children of the Corn. Well, I'm basing that on my own experiences as a once very uneducated horror fan. The reason educated horror fans traditionally love zombies is because of their appreciation of George Romero's thinking man's series and the Fulci Italian gore-fests. Funny or fun contributions to the genre, Return of the Living Dead and Dead Alive, also help, though I'm sick to death of these.

Personally I'm not too wild about everything in the recent wave of zombie features that hit the big screen. I'm keeping score and found two out of seven of them to be good. None the less, I too am a sucker for buying up obscure zombie titles, hoping to discover something, that for some reason has gone unnoticed by the thousands, and ought to be placed in the pantheon of the greatest horror fans. I gotta realize this is not gonna happen, though I do have hope for one movie I've not seen. It sometimes goes by the title Zombie 6 or Absurd or Monster Hunter or one of three other titles, and it's a Joe D'Amato movie, though I don't think it's got the swarms of zombies that typify the genre. Zombie Brigade, is for the most part, a zombie movie in the Romero tradition and it's gone unappreciated because it's not really worth appreciating. It pains me, but it may amuse you, that I'm going to have bring you another negative review.

I get the impression that Australia was going through a xenophobic period towards the Japanese when this here movie was made. The Japanese are coming to the outback to build a theme park. Too bad, we are gonna have to blow up the town's Vietnam memorial/mass grave in order to make room for it. How do we know the Japanese business man is bad? Well he acts all polite, bowing and smiling and shaking hands, and listening to his translator, but what do we discover when he is in the privacy of his hotel room? He speaks English fluently! It's all a charade! What a scum!

The movie's only big gore spot is the scene where the WWII vet zombies, who fought Japan in their day, get to have a go against this guy, who is then a zombie himself, a zombie with a sword and samurai suit/robot outfit. I heard, over on the, that some Australian crowds applauded at some moments in the movie and I'll bet you anything this that moment brought about the greatest response.

But I'm getting ahead of myself and confusing you all. WWII zombies? I though it was the Vietnam memorial that they blew up? Yes, there are zombie vets from Nam in this movie. They attack the town. The WWII zombies are the good guys brought back from the grave to rescue the living. Actually the Nam zombies are vampires who need to be staked. The WWII vets, in Aborigine warpaint of course, are the true zombies, but I'm getting into serious nerd territory with this explanation and I must shut up.

The production values? It's hard for me to judge what sort of film this movie was shot on due to the piss poor quality of the DVD. If it were a cheapo DVD, I'd say "so what", but this ordinarily retails for full price! I even in paid to much for it, and my copy had been price cut three times, to a quarter of the original price. Substance DVD is too blame. I've got a few of their releases on tape, Cannibal Holocaust, Pieces, and I Spit on Your Grave. What's that? You say they that those movies are available from other, more reputable, video labels? Yes, they are, which is why I've never bothered to watch any of my Substance tapes, to see what the hell is the story with those releases. Anyway, Zombie Brigade looks terrible on the disc, I've seen bundled DVD discs with four movies on a side that look sharper than this. What gives?

What the fuck is this shit? Fire the graphic design person.

This movie intends to be fairly liberal and it's even got anti-Christian elements. The ignorant priest's prayers have no effect and he dies in a scene shot for laughs.

We've got yahoo racist whites and a likable black protagonist. Hey, that's like the Romero movies! Anyway, what could unite two races better than a common enemy of a different race?! I call you my brother, now lets kick these bastards the hell out of Aussie!! Wait. That's not good. Oh shit.


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I hope you take 2D with me. It's a night class and ill get scared that zombies might come at me on my way to my car!

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