Friday, November 04, 2005

slash or be slashed

The blog Corpse Eaters is calling it quits as the writer moves on to The House of Irony. Corpse Eaters will be missed by me.

In the last post over at Corpse Eaters I was pointed to the blog
Final Girl which is delivering a ton of content, all of which is horror, most of which is reviews. It looks pretty damn good from what I can tell.

So the
Vice Magazine Horror Issue has hit the internet. I assume it's the same material as the print magazine I used to pick up in LA. People would gladly drop money for this thick, glossy, not to mention, mean and nasty publication, but it's always been free. I'd been eagerly awaiting the horror issue, but it does disappoint me a little bit. Maybe if I didn't know it was coming I would not have set my hopes to high.

Horror fans get interviewed in two of the features. Usually Vice makes asses out of people by playing up to them, and getting them to let their guard down so that they say something really stupid, at least that's how it usually appears. Then the print and the picture shows up in the magazine and you pretty much laugh at these suckers. The horror crowd, definitely found at some convention somewhere, seems to get it pretty easy in that we don't look at these pages and say, "thank God Vice did not interview me". Either that, or the the things they are saying don't look dumb to me, because I'm so horror obsessed myself.

Here is a sample I picked because the guy in question is wearing an Earth Crisis t-shirt.

Here is his quote - - - Mike: Rue Morgue magazine is going to level out Fangoria soon. They are going to war, and Rue Morgue is winning. My favorite horror film is the original Village of the Damned. I obsess over it. I love all the classics. I’d even say that 80 percent of my collection is silent stuff from before 1925.

Then of course, since this is the online version of Vice, there are the user comments at the bottom of page. Words from readers who are beyond cynical and are borderline hateful.

Here is a quote about the guy above, which does not address what he said, but of course what he looks like, which is most important of all to many Vice readers. "i can't decide which dude's the bigger clown. is it the chump whose wife totes around his wings or the guy that has a fucking earth crisis shirt on?" Now I'm all for criticism, but hating Earth Crisis is sooo over. There were some reasons to hate them, sure, but it became cliché in 1997. To Vice commenters: say some things we have not heard before. Be cutting edge with your hate.

Interesting stuff there. An article about the experience of dying (sounds lame, but it's fascinating) and an article that questions how true-to-life horror gore is. Also, there is an infectious rock video, 'Do They Know it's Halloween', which will get stuck in your head after one listen. Beware of this, for the song is not that good.


Anonymous bikkie said...

"Be cutting edge with your hate." is my new favorite quote. thanks warren.

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