Sunday, September 11, 2005

the war to settle the score

The Groovy Age of Horror blog is feuding with some right wing blog that in a post celebrates a bunch of old racist comic book artwork. (See the racist post - scroll all the way to the right, this conservative blog is all fucked up in the layout)

I think the Groovy Age would with agree with me that those issues should not be banned or destroyed, nor does it make one a racist to argue that the issues have some artistic value, however, praising the hateful sentiments expressed there is just plain ugly. I dislike political correctness, and am for allowing offensive ideas to be interpreted in different ways, but overt racism is something that should not be tolerated.

Controversy is fun, but I would never want to end up on the side of stupidity and hate.

Unrelated: I did a bit more research on the filmmaker Michael and Roberta Findlay. I discussed them in my recent
review of Blood Sisters. The second movie these two made was called Satan's Bed and stars the then unknown Yoko Ono getting brutalized and repeatedly raped. Looks like you can get it from Something Weird. I learned what I now know from this article here at Lowcut Magazine.

News: Who asked for this? From the makers of the horribly unfunny Decampitated comes Mangler Reborn. The
trailer opens with quoted praise from someone who considers the first Mangler a "classic." Why would I believe anything that guy has to say? Reggie Bannister stars, which raises the question, what is wrong with a world where Mangler 3 can get funding, but the final Phantasm movie has yet to be made? Death to 90's horror franchises.

So perhaps I will never get around to writing about my vacation and giving you reviews of each roadside haunted house I wasted money on. Here are some are some glimpses of what you are going to miss out on since I'm not writing that post.

from a haunted house on Mackinac Island, fuck off, Rawhead Rex, this guy is cooler

in Wisconsin Dells, typical bloodshed, but wait...

why is that tree so happy? It's the scariest thing I saw on that whole trip...

Taking flash pictures in the dark made me momentarily blind over and over again. I walked head on in to walls more times than I can count. Thanks for reading.


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Blogger toyrobott said...

must be tough to not write about work. Speaking of work, i now work at FYE at the spectrum. Its no virgin though:(

1:03 PM  
Blogger Curt said...

I pretty much agree with your take on the matter, Warren. That's the distinction I was trying to make--looking at them purely as art or artifacts, versus revelling in the ugly sentiments they express. Say hi to Cub for me!

8:10 AM  

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