Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nightmares (1983) Lee Ving

Lee Ving is not top billed in this movie. After all, other segments star Lance Henricksen (Pumpkinhead, Alien, and regrettably The Mangler 2) and Emilio Estevez. He does not even get a speaking line as the killer William Henry Glazier, who attacks and then is shot in Nightmares' first of four short horror tales.

The most I've seen Lee Ving act is in Dudes, the Penelope Spheeris movie that is not unlike her Suburbia in that it's also fictional, has punk protagonists, has Flea acting, and includes a live performance by the Vandals. Suburbia and Dudes both suck, but at least Dudes has got Lee Ving as a mean badass villain. The best Spheeris movies I've seen are the documentaries The Decline of Western Civilization and The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years. Part III reportedly blows, but maybe I'd dig it. I don't know. Spheeris did write Summer Camp Nightmare (1987), a fun movie where campers revolt and become evil Communists. Some kids in heavy metal wigs lipsinc to Fear's 'Beef Bologna' in a raunchy talent show scene that you gotta see.

Fear music is present in Nightmare's second tale. 'I Don't Care About You' opens with it's "fuck you" line noticeably absent. 'Lets' Have a War' plays as Estevez battles a Mexican teen in arcade action. People generally seem to pick this segment 'Bishop of Battle' as the favorite. Clearly most of the effects budget was spent here as an arcade is trashed and there is extensive computer animation. I was impressed. My companion Cub was not. Punk fans take note, Black Flag's 'Rise Above' can be heard I think during the scene where Emilio Estevez fights with his Dad. There is also music by X.

I bought the poster for this movie as well.

The third tale is my least favorite. I like Lance Henricksen and could get into the first few scenes about a priest who is losing his faith, but the action stuff lost me. A menacing black truck chases Henricksen on the highway. There is great effect when it emerges from the ground below, but I was disappointed that the driver's face is never revealed. We do see an upside-down cross hanging from the mirror, which I found kind of tacky, like something a satanic teen would have. Does a demon from hell really need an upside-down crucifix?

Segment four? By far the best, with great characters and some gross stuff involving a giant rat. A few of the effects misfire, but they are still fun to see.

imdb.com bio fact about Lee Ving: Lee's tattoo on his right arm "Lee James Jude"(possibly real name) which is what he goes by when credited on the movie "Nightmares".

In a Citizine
interview, Derf Scratch says Lee Ving's real name is Lee James Jude Capalero.

Unfortunately Lee Ving (along with some other cool actors - Roddy Pipper and Reggie Bannister) will be in Sin-Jin Smyth, a stupid looking horror movie with a star who I can only say fronts a band responsible for some of the lamest trends in 90's metal. Now those douche bags are washed up and he's gonna act. Fuck this. Yeah, I did not put that guys name down cause I get enough idiots coming to the site already from looking up the stupidest shit on the search engines.

Were you excited to see Lee Ving in a movie? No doubt it brought back memories of our date to a Fear show on Sunset Strip.

It was great to see Lee Ving in a movie, except for the fact that we hardly got to see him at all. He had a tiny role and you had to look closely to make sure it was even him. What a rip! Hmm.... memories with cub at Fear show (that was a nice night!)

Were you touched by the final shot of the rat in what the movie called 'Chapter 4'. I saw you even imitate the rat's roar of sorrow.

I did feel sorry for the Big Rat. All she wanted was her baby. RRRRAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRRR!!!!! Come on cub, don't try to deny it.... I saw a tear in your eye. Big boys do cry ;)

The last chapter reminded me a lot of the last segment in the anthology Cat's Eye (1985). They both had hateable parents (the do-it-yourself father in this one and the cat hating mother in Cat's Eye), both had a sweet little girl, and both had a creature living in the walls. What do you think?

I can see what you mean when you speak of the similarities, however I had not really made that connection when I was watching the movie. But good job cub! Sharp eye.


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