Friday, September 09, 2005

King Buzzo talks shit

This is just the kind of news we like to discover here at bloodbath horror blog. A story that is nothing but nasty. I'll just quote the whole article from, written by Keith Carman from June 13th.

the headline:
Fantomas Guitarist Hates Rob Zombie Movies

With all of the hoopla surrounding Rob Zombie's forthcoming flick The Devil's Rejects, we here at ChartAttack thought it might be a great idea to get an opinion from one of the music world's most intense film addicts around, Fantomas guitarist Buzz "King Buzzo" Osborne.

After all, Osborne has a vested interest in horror films. Both Fantomas and his other band The Melvins have honoured horror in some format, although Fantomas' (the band are completed by drummer Dave Lombardo, bassist Trevor Dunn and vocalist Mike Patton) latest effort Suspended Animation is more about cartoons than killing.

Little did we know that Osborne hates Rob Zombie though — with unbridled passion that borders on discomfort to endure.

"He's a total fucking asshole," grumbles Osborne. "A complete prick whether you believe it or not. I don't have appreciation for his talentless plagiarism. We did a tour with him and it soured me on the whole experience."

Finding issue with most horror-based bands, Osborne makes no bones about his feelings.

"[My fascination with horror] just isn't all-encompassing like The Misfits or Rob Zombie, where they rip off every element of everything about horror films. Those bands are a bastardization of Alice Cooper. I have no interest in fakes like Rob Zombie. There's no mistake why his name is 'Rob.'

"You want to do something more with it," he continues. "I like the overt stuff but you want to see how many people get what you're trying to do instead of shoving it down their throat. Unlike those guys, we don't steal our whole shtick from horror."

That's all fine and dandy in regards to the filmmakers, but just what is it about House Of 1,000 Corpses that Osborne hates? Well, he feels that the film is nothing more than a regurgitation of older, more original ideas.

"That is exactly what I don't like about him. His movie was great for the first 15 minutes, but it was total bullshit. If I'd never seen the movies he was ripping off, I might have cared. It's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 30 years later. Who gives a shit? It's no good. I shouldn't talk about him anymore, 'cause no press is worse than bad press. I'm gonna stop talking."

See the article

Buzz Osborne, at left

It's not the first time Buzzo has took a shot at Rob. Said on stage once before - "Were you guys as surprised as I was to find out Rob Zombie was gay?"

Hey man, that's not even PC.


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