Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Adicts + The Dickies + Channel 3 7/2 Long Beach

I'm gonna slip another punk rock review into the horror blog here, as I've done twice before, though the most recent one was back in October. That last show I reviewed had the same lineup as this one and was at the same venue so I had to go back and reread that post to make sure that I don't just write the same exact thing over again. Yeah the show was similar in set lists as well, even down to the order of the songs! This weekend I did catch Channel 3, who I missed last time, though I later read a printed review of that show and they were not mentioned, so perhaps they no-showed in October.

Channel 3 were a few songs into their set when we came in and the first two songs I heard I did not recognize which is funny because I have their cd anthology and a cassette of one their original Posh Boy releases. They brought out a girl to sing some of the lines on "You Make Me Feel Cheep" and I whispered in Cub's ears what I believe to be the story behind that song, though I doubt she cared. The original version put out by Ch 3 did not have a female part. It was added later as a sample by DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, for his radio show Rodney on the Roq. I must admit that this works well, though I'm not a big Rodney fan, am not sure if he is alive or dead, and am avoiding the movie about his life (Mayor of the Sunset Strip) like the plague. I guess I'm partial to the Angry Samoans song that got them blacklisted from punk rock, "Get Off the Air" - lyrics here at
their site.

Dawn of the Dickies

The Dickies had all the same props that they used in October. I love this band and their obnoxious between-song banter. Guitarist Stan Lee revealed that vocalist Leonard Graves Phillips voted for George W., which brought mass boos from the crowd. Graves Phillips used the occasion to rub it in everyone's face... that Bush won. Incidentally, the venue was packed, since it was a Saturday night. Way more kids out than last time, which means more liberty spikes, leather, studs, and patches.

Same shit, different day, but it was good shit since these are a couple of my favorite bands. With the Adicts we get hero-worship that is rare in punk rock, kids reaching out to to touch Monkey, like he is Elvis or Neil Diamond. I thinks it's because of the clockwork costume and mime paint, which turns this guy into a mythological character instead of just a punk singer. That, and the songs, which are some of the catchiest in punk. Even new ones - those that are not on the records everybody owns - are hypnotizing. It amazes me that they've never broken through into the mainstream, at least to an Adam Ant degree.

cub speaks on the show

I was able to discern that your favorite Adicts songs were "Chinese Takeaway" and "Bad Boy". I am right of course.

You are right about my favorite Adicts songs. Aww cub, you know me so well. That is true love to the max.

Are we going to put face paint and a bowler hat on you for the next Adicts show?

NO white face paint, but we can dress me up in a tight white tee with braces and a mini instead ;)

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