Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Adicts + The Dickies 10/2 Long Beach

That night I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders, though of course it wasn't. We found a spot tucked away in the corner of the balcony where we could sit and still see the stage. A strong black light was right above me and my black Conflict t-shirt looked like it was covered in snow. I don't put my clothes in the dryer, they could get ruined, but a side effect of not drying is that all the little cotton pills stay on the clothes and they need a good lint rolling. I did not use the lint roller at all this time and the black light made me look ridiculous - I felt shitty for a second, but then common sense took over. Who cares if everyone knows that I'm a grub? All the worries of the day were lifted away right then and there. The Dickies were on stage, we got there in time to see them! Highlights included a gorilla mask for 'You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)', a guitar player in a bear suit, and for 'If Stuart Could Talk', a penis puppet. It was a good puppet, sure, but it comes in second to the four foot balloon penis I saw Tesco Vee wear at a Meatmen show when I was younger. Cub says that The Dickies singer is weird, he must be on drugs. Don't get the wrong idea, Cub is a big Dickies fan and wants me to buy Dickies CDs cause we can't play the cassettes in her car. Too bad, Cub, I'm not a billionaire. The Dickies set was short and The Adicts set was a bit shorter than the one I saw them play in L.A. earlier this year. The price was right. Thirty dollars for two tickets, no service charge what so ever. That beats Seventy-six dollars for The Damned at Disneyland a few months back. Fuck you Ticketmaster, or Clear Channel, or whoever is at fault these days.

Speaking of channels, Channel 3 was also booked on this show, but I did not get their in time. Too bad, cause I love them and have never caught them live. As for The Adicts, they were awesome. Props included popping streamers, silly string, glitter, ten huge rubber balls, and a massive bag full of bowler hats. These guys play California a lot, but word is that they don't get out to all the other states. The certainly draw big here. This venue probably held 600 enthusiastic fans and it was second or third show for the area on this tour plus that's the second tour this year.

The adicts and the dickies were great, especially the adicts. They put on a fun show full of silly string, confetti, and big bouncing balls, plus they dress up in clockwork attire and what could possibly be better than that. The songs are fun to sing to. Future aspiring punk rockers should look up to bands like the adicts, damned and misfits instead of shitty bands like good charlotte, blink, and Sum 41. What's the matter with kids these days?

The Adicts website

The Dickies


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