Thursday, December 09, 2004

bloodbath news

It's been almost three months and I'm still writing in this blog, I'm very proud of myself. I can write whatever I want at any time, like now for example. I watching the news and writing an entry at the same time. I see that Peta is giving away fur coats to the homeless people in Seattle. They get fur coats donated to them from people who have decided to become more compassionate and not wear up to sixty dead animals on one garment. I guess Peta has a surplus. I know they used to use the coats as props and examples in demonstrations, why do they have more than they can use?

I'm going to draw conclusions and say that demonstrations aren't as popular as they used to be, animal rights is on the outs. I don't have any statistics to back up my statements, just observations I've made in California and in Boston before I left. The number of ex-vegans is through the roof. Why aren't these kids vegan anymore? I think it's because their favorite bands are not vegan anymore. We used to flyer at shows for demos, that's unthinkable know. Besides, does anyone want a bunch of brainless hardcore kids representing the movement.

And does anyone want me to represent the movement? I have not been to an animal rights demo in over two years. I'm gone too, but it's not a big loss. I fucked up a lot of things, I'm hardly presentable, and I can't put two words together when I'm on the mic. This stuff is best left to professionals.

The primate freedom tour was one of the high points in my animal rights career and they are doing it again. I've had dreams about this, like for real dreams when I'm sleeping. Each time, it's like a reunion tour, but instead of the massive bus used last time, it's little VW vans and just a handful of activists. I don't know what it will really be like, hopefully phenomenal. The last tour was great in many ways, though plagued with many punk rock and hardcore kids just along for the free ride. I was not perfect and am thankful for the experience and to the organizers for putting up me and others who meant well, but had not yet developed a strong work ethic.

Primate Freedom Tour 2005

Sometime during the last couple of years Peta discovered that lots of activists were spawned via the punk and hardcore scenes. Now they have a website about it. Too late guys, you missed the vegan straight edge boom of the late nineties, and the political crust punk movement as well. Now they're covering the music when it's all about sexy girls and hair styles and synthesizers and shit. Luckily, two or three of the kids who used to play hardcore did not start eating meat when they began their new garage rock bands. Peta2 has got a handful of people to interview.

Anyway, everything I'm writing is relevant to the directions this blog and my websites are going. Expect for me to clarify what this Horrorline concept is all about. I will express political views as well as look at others for fun. Don't worry, everything ties into horror.

Last, but not least, the nerds do it right. What can you learn about most on the internet? Nerd shit! Computers and video games! It blows my mind how the history of gaming has been preserved, recreated, and parodied, on the web. Everything a game nerd ever wanted is there being modified, dissected, and obsessed over on message boards. People are making new 8-bit games, mixing midi files of game music, and doing great stuff with design that looks straight out of the 80's. Nerds are way cool ...on-line.

Video game link - Remember Wizard Video? This video label put out tons of crazy horror tapes in the old style big boxes. A handful of the movies I reviewed here came out on Wizard Video. Well there was also Wizard Video Games. I had no idea. They made Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre cartridges for the Atari 2600. This site has background information, and if you click on the game artwork, you can see hi-res scans of the box art.

see the
Wizard Video Games

What to expect here in the future? I won't promise anything, but I've got a couple of lists planned. Top girls in horror and punk, but on one list. Yes, one superlist. Cub will help me, since she is a girl she can judge the girls. I though of doing lists about me, like the most common points that I make when I'm going off on a rant. People who know me will recognize a lot of the stories I use to back up my theories. I've got theories on trends and kids and the changing times. No, it's not as boring as it sounds. I also want to make a list of ten movie titles to drop if you wanna fake a conversation with a horror expert. Like, if you wanna talk to me about horror, and tell me something, you could let me know you had knowledge about some of these movies. I might respect your views. Now you want to know what those ten movies are. Well you have to wait.


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