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rumors carry more weight than fact

"If you're not reading Warrenzone, you're missing some good stuff--especially "Cub Speaks," where Warren posts brief interview snippets with his girlfriend (at least I think that's what he's doing). I think the girlfriend is Cub, but then she also calls Warren "Cub" too." Those are kind words (here) from the Groovy Age of Horror, thank you.

I helped out my friend over the phone with some web sight technicalities. Her work is awesome and I look forward to posting a link when she's finished, but in the meantime, visit her blog,
shoots of stars for comics and personal stuff.

So this guy smooth krayminal posted some news in a myspace horror forum that I have not read elsewhere. I though he seemed pretty cool, so I messaged him and he was kind of a dick, so we won't be myspace 'friends' after all.

Here is the complete text of his post:

George A Romero signed a deal to make 2 more Dead pictures.

City of the Dead, 2006

Memories of the Dead, 2007(Working title)

This is not BS, two of my friends, are slated to work on both as producing designers. The second film, takes place more in the context of wasted city landscapes and will take a new direction ala large cityscapes of nothing, decay and some new twist to the Zombie genre.

The idea behind Land of the Dead was to put to rest some ideas and create new directions for the Zombies, the evolution is not what you think. The next movie is to be longer running time with a larger budget, which is slated, for creating a large scope.

My friends are vague but basically the other movies are in response to how well Land did at the box office.

In the sense that a lot of kids, some of you think George is selling out, The Dark Half was actually his largest grossing film to date and most of everyone has seen it.

See, I like this guy's writing. No idea if his info is real. He added this about the Romero video game City of the Dead as it shares a title with one of these new movies:

Even though City of the Dead is the title to the Game being put out, the idea is to have a game lead in. Supposedly COTD is going to be just a plain blood fest.

In crappy news, over at bloody-disgusting, I learn that that two of the world's biggest mall rockers are going to be in acting in one horror film each. Of course the BD crowd is pumped because they love to rock out to the rap metal and lunchbox industrial music. I will further distance myself from the mainstream horror crowd.


Blogger Keith said...

Long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for those tidbits, Warren! Hey, it's Romero, I say let him make as many zombie films as he wants to. I hope he

OK, so speaking of his future installments, if I may, a lot of people are always asking the question, where the heck can he possibly take the whole zombie thing next? The genre is dead now (pun slightly intended). Hasn't it all been done already? I contend that it has not. There's still plenty that can be done--if you just think in some new, slightly radical directions.

Here's my idea (settle in):

OK, he's done zombies right in our own backyards and neighborhoods with NIGHT's farmhouse standoff. He's done zombies in our shopping malls in DAWN, and then zombies even chasing us underground in DAY. Now lately he's done zombies waging war on us in our post-apocalyptic, futuristic entire-city-stronghold of LAND, which was kind of our "last stand" on earth. So where do you go next to keep it interesting?

Outer Space!

Yep, you heard me, Zombies in space! That gets my vote. Already I could see a new Trilogy out of this idea right out of the gate.

Here's how it could go: You start with a really distant future where Man has somehow rebounded from LAND and rebuilt and gotten control back (hey, you work all that out, George), and are looking to get off this ravaged, DEAD planet and colonizing space (for a brighter future and all).

The first installment of the "New Millennium Dead Trilogy", as I'm calling it, COLONY OF THE DEAD, follows the story of our massive "living colony" space station, floating peacefully in space above the Earth. Generations of survivors of the LAND OF THE DEAD world have set up a new home and society here, and are living safely and harmoniously, in a prefab, almost retro-looking, plastic suburban world high above the desolated Earth.

But the dead just won't die...

The zombie virus (originally from space anyway), finds its way into the colony and all the zombie horror begins all over again--in an entirely new and fresh arena! Just picture the visuals, dudes, of zombies in space! The living dead stalking the sterile space-age streets of the gargantuan space station, with the clear walls of the bubble that surrounds and protects this new "world" behind them, revealing a canopy of stars and junk (heck, throw in some cool looking nebulae's, star clusters, and space stuff out there if you want to, George)! Plenty of new exciting visuals and situations to be explored now! Think of this installment as ALIEN with zombies.

It ends similar to DAWN--not with a bang but with a whimper. Things are up in the air and the future uncertain...

Until... OUTPOST OF THE DEAD! The survivors of COLONY, have now, many years later, managed to colonize Mars (or the Moon or whatever works), and again build up a new world and society here, only this time with a whole new planet under their control and at their disposal.

But again, the living dead are still hungry!

Terror breaks out on the sparsely colonized planet when the zombies arise here, too, in the New World (the living dead being the New World Order), to destroy once again all that we have built! It's a massive-scale fight-to-the-finish, on a cold, blighted, lonely landscape.

Last up will be the finale of the new Trilogy, PLANET OF THE DEAD! Everything, the whole Romero zombie story (all of it!), comes back full-circle. Continuing right on the heels of OUTPOST, we learn that before the annihilation of the last homestead, in a last-ditch effort to insure the survival of our species, a small ship had been launched during the zombie war, carrying a gaggle of survivors, put into suspended animation while the ship is set on some distant course, towards parts of the galaxy unknown, that at least appear to possibly (and hopefully) be more conducive to human life (this is all the junk serious, real writers will work out). Anyway, the point is that they hope to start a new world somewhere else and stuff. Whatever. It's all just to get to more zombies, so here it comes.

Something goes wrong (of course) and the ship goes off course and the suspended animation of the crew is broken (yeah, like in 2001: A SPACE ODDYSEY, only there's no HAL). They find themselves plummeting towards some unknown planet, and soon crash-land there in an ocean.

After a lot of cool things happen once the crew goes out and explores the hospitable-to-life planet, that someone more ambitious and talented than me will think up, they eventually discover, to their horror, that this place, too, is full of--and controlled by--the living dead! Alas, they have landed on the PLANET OF THE DEAD! And guess what? The payoff is that at the end they discover (it's my story so I can spoil it all I want) that the whole time they've actually been back on...EARTH! "Oh my God. We're back. We're home... You finally did it! You finally took it all over you zombie maniacs!" Hehe. Yeah, picture this one as PLANET OF THE APES with zombies.

And thus would bring to a close the New Millennium Dead Trilogy.

So I put forth that Space would be the next logical, fresh arena to progress the series in. Think about it. It's perfect. Very forward-looking and relevant for our times. It's rumored this is where we're all headed someday anyway! Zombies in space - this would give George a whole now palette to work with and give all us zombie fans some very new radical stories and set-pieces to enjoy! The next logical step with the living dead, is to get them off of the Earth.

Zombie Wishes!

PS: If this is too long, feel free to delete it, Warren, with my apologies. Just wanted to get this off my chest. :)

5:04 PM  
Blogger toyrobott said...

So what do you think about Dark Water... the Japanese version is to release on dvd soon. I'm gonna rent it!

1:49 AM  
Blogger kalisekj said...

Hey, I have enjoyed...your blog is informative - even entertaining.

I have a halloween sites. They pretty much covers costumes and masks related stuff.

Thanks again and I'll be sure to bookmark you.

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