Sunday, February 25, 2007

Academy Awards

I did not watch em', but you can see the Kodak theater outside of my bedroom window, so I looked out regularly to make sure that all was well with the exterior of the building. I'll admit to snooping around a bit down on Highland when the stars were arriving, you could see them, but they were far away from where the general public (all foreign tourists) could stand. I could not ID anyone.

Everything is still lit up beautifully down there. The area is always lit, but it's brighter tonight. The helicopters have only recently stopped buzzing.

I still don't have television in this place nor did I have the time to go over a friend's house and watch the ceremony this evening. My stop motion movie is due in the morning - it's done and printed to tape. Am I happy with it? Hell no. It's watchable on a computer screen, but it's not going to look too good screening in front of the class with the focus problems and light leaks and all.


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