Monday, March 20, 2006

Salo and the douche crew pt. 1

So we are watching Pier Paolo Pasolini's Salo, or The 120 Days of Sodom in three installments. We don't have A.D.D. - sure it's a long movie, but that's not the reason why the tape keeps getting stopped. The other night we needed a break before bed. Cub did not want to have dreams about this movie. I was feeling a bit dirty, but then the syndicated Sex and the City came on and one of the taboo subjects they discussed: eating ass. Well that's what the first 2/3 of Salo have pretty much bean about (yeah, literally), so don't call me a pervert, it was on Sex and the City too!

So the 120 Days of Sodom are a-Ok in mainstream America today. Last night though, Cub made me stop the tape the 2nd time when a teenage boy was getting his dick burned by a candle. Will she watch the rest of the movie? I think so. It's kind of like a car crash that you can't stop looking at. This movie will require extensive commentary, so expect more in the future. It is allegedly the most rare DVD in the United States today. I'm watching a bootleg version of the Criterion edition.

On to this morning's amazing discovery from the Demonbaby blog.
The Second Annual Stupid Myspace Haircuts Awards! Of course the scenester masses are a prime target, but the forgotten industrial-metal genre takes a beating as well. I worked in a gothic clothing store on Melrose for a few months and I saw some pretty bad shit, but these are the worst of the worst. Incidentally, our most hated type of customer would be the "cyber goth" or anyone doing a raver/goth crossover.

Some on the list are myspace celebrities with friends numbering in the thousands. Jeffree Star is a prime example. I've seen this frighteningly good-looking Mechanical Animals (and note the Matrix type layout one of his friends in the top 8 has - we hate that) type crossdresser wondering about Sunset Strip with a pack of short ugly troll girls in tow. Jeffree, lose the entourage and find somewhere else to wander about, Sunset is gross, but you were probably new to L.A. then.

Also, the last guy mentioned, whose hair is compared to the Magic Coral Garden, I've seen him too. Who could forget a haircut like that, though it was only one color when I used to see it. That always impressed me, it is completely original. I guess it really is fantastical material, not for the real world.

Back to
The 1st Annual - many of the winners have since quit myspace - will those in round two follow their lead? Everyone from Boston knows Jasper, I wonder how he took to being on this list. He is after all a self-described "muppet" so we can assume this did not get to him. I like his 2-tone Cruella Devilled hair, myself.

So over in the 2nd Annual we've got supposed lawyers for some of the winners ordering the 'cease and desists' in the blog's comments section. If I were Demonbaby I would not worry about it. It's the free press! Besides, what has Demonbaby got to lose? With all due respect, I don't think it is a money-making operation. Are they going to sue for the money in these kids' account?

Soon: More discussion of Salo...


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