Friday, March 17, 2006

"Fields they have eyes"

Non-horror: kids in the UK look like this too? At least they are enthusiastic. This video uses some terminology that is like nails on a chalk board to me.

Watched/watching some Italian horrors. Specters (Spettri) from 1987 and Joe D'Amato's Anthropophagous: The Beast, finally in it's uncut form.

Saw a movie that was truly the pits, the German Legion of the Dead, from Olaf Ittenbach, a man Uwe Boll calls "a German splatter freak". Poor Ittenbach has already had to deal with a 2005 movie called Legion of the Dead coming out and his movie was only released in 2001. Bad karma for working with Uwe Boll (FX on BloodRayne) whose previous movie stole the name Alone in the Dark from a 1982 slasher. Yeah, I know it's the video game name, but don't defend fellow German, Uwe Boll.

Anyway, Ittenbach's movie sucks real bad. It's just like From Dusk Till Dawn, just what the world needed in 2001, more 90's retreads. It's the dialogue, I really hated it, and I'm not the only one -
imdb comments.

I got the DVD of the Nick Millard, aka Nick Phillips, 3 movie set. Satan's Black Wedding appears to be the best and most disturbing, though I'm only part way through it. The campy Criminally Insane is better known and though I loved it, the movie comes off as extremely amateur even though the film looks great on DVD. Shot of the cleaver raised up, shots of still cleaver touching red paint covered face, shot of the cleaver raised up, etc... To be be fair they used real Hollywood effects blood, that's just the way fake blood looked in 1975. Yes I watched some of the extras. Can you believe it? I wanted to see how Priscilla Alden looks today. The answer is, she looks healthier than she did in Criminally Insane.

The third movie included was the selling point for me, Crazy Fat Ethel 2. Unfortunately it is unwatchable. I knew it would be shot on tape footage of Priscilla Alden and clips from Criminally Insane. Well immediately after watching Criminally Insane this would be a total bore. Actually, Death Nurse 2, I have this on tape, is also shot on video Pricilla Alden killing footage with Criminally Insane clips added. Also unwatchable.

Useless trivia: Death Nurse is said to be the 1st shot on video movie, ahead of Blood Cult. I learned this on the imdb. Priscilla Alden should really work the convention circuit.

Fields they have eyes
Woods they have ears

- from "Warrior" by Public Image Lmt.

The Hills Have Eyes, the remake, from Alexandre Aja, director of the over hyped Haute tension. This movie was a good time, though I though Hills Have Eyes was already remade as Wrong Turn in 2003. I'll take brainless slaughter like Wrong Turn over ambitious horror that falls flat on it's face. Failure is rarely pretty. That's why I approve of junk like Hills Have Eyes or even House of Wax. These movies aim so low that they can't miss the mark.

I must say the The Hills Have Eyes remake was a lot more violent than the original. Personally I prefer the 1985 Craven sequel, The Hills Have Eyes Part II, to the original, as it shows all the best clips from Part I, and adds some new great action with the return of Michael Berryman reaping havoc. Of course everything I like about the thrown together Part II was everything I hated about Crazy Fat Ethel 2.

Note: I think that Hills Have Eyes Part II is referenced in Aja's remake. Did anyone see the school bus in the crater among the abandoned cars? Could be a coincidence. I hope not.


Anonymous Larry said...

The New Hills Have Eyes was insanely good , Warren. It has scene where a fucking mutant Miner gets stabbed through the head with an American Flag!!! I disagree with you calling it dumb, it is certainly exploitative but not dumb, and it was ungodly ambitious in it's own way. This has the same message as History of Violence with no ultra fucking dry prose rubbed in our faces, just insane early 80's gore. Wrong Turn is GARBAGE, not even in the same category remotely. this is Straw Dogs mixed with Freaks, and every aspect of the film is top notch!!! I hope your not just pulling the old i'm gonna disagree with everyone else because this is mainstream and that's hip routine on this, because your severely mistaken and undervaluing the best horror film of the past ten years. And remakes do suck but this is an exception

9:43 PM  
Blogger warrenzone said...

Fair enough, it is better than Wrong Turn. I do like Hills Have Eyes, but I think you like it twice as much as I do. It's not that I can think of it having a lot of flaws or things that bugged me, I liked the same things as you did, just did not get as excited about it I guess.

10:36 AM  

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