Monday, September 17, 2007

Deep Red this past Saturday at midnight

Saturday night, on my birthday, I lucked out and made it to a midnight screening of Deep Red (Profondo rosso) at the New Beverly as part of the Midnight Movies series that Amoeba is putting on. Unfortunately the print was bad and not properly set up, though this was not the projectionists fault as he explained to us that he would be basically restoring the print as he played it, whatever that means. There was a several minutes delay in between a couple of the reels, interrupting the film, but this movie was well worth the wait to see on the big screen.

The print was the Hatchet Murders version of the film, which appears to be the same cut as the nonsensical American VHS version of this movie that I first saw, but who cares, I’m there for the visuals, not the story. It was still beautiful, I assure you.

One note, when we got their my buddy asked all the men in line in front of us if this was the line to buy tickets, or just to be seated. No one answered, except for the eccentric man chatting on a cell phone who actually had a date. The rest of you who did not turn your heads, fuck y’all.


Blogger Patrick said...

If they can't answer-- Just go in front of them!

4:48 PM  
Blogger Ed Hardy, Jr. said...

Hey, I just wanted to invite you to submit a nominating list to the survey of the 31 GREATEST HORROR FILMS I'm conducting over at Shoot the Projectionist. Here's a link to the original announcement:


2:12 AM  

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